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Don't see the product that you're after? Feel free to contact us and we may be able to help you find what you're after, or if we don't have it we may even be able to create it especially for you!

Here at Way Signage, we offer lots of different variants to allow your choice to be fully unique to you. With over 30 colours to choose from on most products and 4 different over styles such as 3D Signs, Printed Signs, Profile Cut Signs and Etched Signs. Our 3D signs are layered up and glued to add a nice depth to any sign. Multiple acrylic colours can be used as this creates a contrast between the background and letters. Our Etched Signs are a single layer of acrylic with letters laser etched out of the material. We offer two colours for etching; Silver and Gold. These will etch to create a subtle matt finish. Our Printed Signs are similar to etched as they are a single layer of acrylic with letters printed on to the material. Furthermore, any colour can be printed making it the most customisable option available. Finally, our Profile Cut Signs cut out to a profile rather than being on a standard rectangle panel. As a result of this, items in this range include toilet figures, arrows and cut letters.